Ida is a very good teacher. She does well at helping me learn Indonesia national language. I recommend her for any similar job role or class teaching language.

Keith Ogden - Australia

My name is Scott Edmundson, and I have known Ida Luthfiyatin since February of 2009. We first met on a language exchange website. I was trying to learn bahasa Indonesia, and she was working on improving her English. At the time, she was working as a teacher at Pandan College, which is a Japanese language school in Indonesia. It was obvious to me that Ida loved language, learning, and teaching. I find Ida to be both a dedicated student and teacher, and she especially likes working with children. Because of her love of teaching, Ida wanted to get a teacher's license in Bali. Fortunately, it just so happens that I work for a charity called Education for the World (www.educationfortheworld.org) which provides scholarship money to financially challenged women. Since we really believed in Ida, we provided her with the funding she needed to get her teaching license. Of course, Ida studied hard and quickly achieved her goal of obtaining a license and getting a job. She now works at a primary school in Denpasar
In my opinion, Ida is not only passionate about language and learning, but also a good person with a big heart. I feel confident that Ida could teach anyone the Indonesian language, and I highly recommend her. Selamat Belajar! 
Scott Edmundson ~ USA


Ida's passion about teaching is second to none. Consider yourself lucky, because with Ida you are guaranteed the best teacher there is. She will give you a customised learning style according to your needs and level. Rest assured that you will be more than equipped with all the necessary grammar and vocabulary that you came to learn. Enjoy her class...
Cikka ~ UK

I took her class when I had been in Denpasar.
It was only a short period because I had to go back to Japan, but her class has been very impressive.
Because her class was fun and explanation was easy to understand, and another thing she has a nice personality.
She always thought of how to improve my Indonesian. Specifically, each time she found my weak points in our class, she customized class to suit me.
If you want to learn Indonesian, I really recommend Ida as your teacher.

Mayumi Iwano ~ Japan

I have known Ida since 2004 when I was a regular visitor to Indonesia, to collate data for a Feasibility Study Report for the Government of Algeria. She was then a student at Airlangga University.  

Ida possesses exceptional administration and management skills, qualities that bespeak of an aspiring dedicated teacher. I firmly believe her interpersonal skills, meeting scores of International individuals and her harmonious rapport with these foreigners, further exposes her to an invaluable experience. Ida has, since my meeting her, has endeared herself well to us all, specially for her love for children and her caring spirit.

Kanna Selvaduray, M.Sc.

Marine Biologist - India